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“Senior console seeks new home…”


You are bidding on anĀ Atari CX-2600A Video Computer System – 4 Switch “Woodie” Game Console that has been Repaired, Refurbished, and Upgraded by its owner. Originally purchased as “Non-Working / For Parts” with broken switches, this console is in better than new condition and is ready for many more years of gaming!


Upgraded for its new life in your home! All commonly failure-prone components have been replaced and two of the most commonly requested modifications/upgrades have been installed in this unit to add functionality:

* This unit can now be connected to modern TVs by means of a composite AV cable (not included), removing the need for a grainy and temperamental RF signal. (Of course it looks best on older CRT tube style TVs for a true retro experience. Just sayin’…)

*Also addressing the age old issues of realizing a powered console had been accidentally left on for days (Yeah, we’ve all done it once or twice) a power indicating LED has been installed to help you protect the health of this classic console.

What we did:

Console has been completely broken down, cleaned and reconditioned. System has been stress tested and all functionality passed. 40-year-old capacitors have been replaced with new ones to prevent damage to the system common with aging parts, giving it a fresh start. All plastic case parts have been taken apart, soaked, scrubbed, dried, and conditioned to remove all contaminates from use prior to reassembly and to restore the simple beauty of this classic console’s cabinet design. See pictures for detail. Some parts May have various scratches, blemishes, and cosmetic deviations, to be expected of hardware of this vintage. This in no way affects the console’s functionality.

Included in this sale:


  • One Refurbished/Upgraded 4 Switch Atari 2600a “Woodie” Console
  • One brand new Jameco 9VDC Power Supply
  • One “Mindscape POWERPLAYER” Joystick Controller (Tested Working- Missing joystick handle but works well)
  • One cleaned and tested CX-2649 Asteroids Game Cartridge
  • One cleaned and tested Demon Attack Game Cartridge


(RCA Composite Cable, unlabeled Pitfall! Game Cartridge, and Television pictured are not included.)