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As anyone who has purchased a restored console from SEC can probably tell you, not all accessories come packaged with a recently rehabbed unit. I mean I would love to package every single one of these memory capsules with all the OEM toys that originally came with them decades ago. Instead what I do is make an attempt to find consoles with some accessories, clean and test them, and pass them along with the sale of the console itself. This often leaves the classic console’s new family on their own to outfit their new purchase. Below is a (hopefully) growing collection of sites and services that I have been affiliated with or simply love myself. Check out their sites and hopefully support them as you get some of the coolest stuff on the web to outfit or upgrade your classic gaming setup. Be sure to let them know Sunnyvale-EastCoast sent ya!

LINKS ARE ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY – Back in the day when you heard the name “AtariAge” you thought of the magazine that was distributed by The Atari Club, Inc. to members. It was packed with information about events and new releases. Had game reviews, tips & tricks, ads for accessories used by the pros… It was loaded with everything you could ever want as a young Joystick Jockey. Today, Atari age is a community absolutely loaded with resources, links, personal projects, items for sale or auction, and above all else, other people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience for those of you who may be dipping a toe in the pool of vintage gaming and computing. Or maybe you would just like to share your own experience. Go check it out, you won’t regret it. – (Advertising for the competition?!? Yes I am, deal with it! LOL!) The very first Atari I refurbished was a major learning experience and opened me up to a whole world of classic gaming that I just fell in love with. In doing so I found Console5 and brought that console back to life. I buy components wholesale now but still refer people who are interested in the do-it-yourself method of electronics repair to their site. They use very high-quality components and give you step-by-step instructions that will help you keep that classic console out of the landfill. If you want someone to do it for you, get in touch with me, if you want to do it yourself, give Console5 a visit. I couldn’t recommend any higher! – One of my favorite finds from the AtariAge Forums. The Harmony cartridge is a programmable add-on for the Atari 2600 console that allows you to load an entire library of games into a single cartridge including ROMs for Homebrews, Demos and Hacks. I’ve had tons of fun playing alternate versions of some of my favorite classics. A must have for anyone looking for an upgrade that alters nothing on your vintage machine. Check it out! – One of the coolest producers of aftermarket custom gaming controllers and accessories out there that I have found. Every single item they sell is designed in-house and built to order. If you are looking for custom gaming controllers, cables or adaptors, or even some really cool 3D printed classic logos to dress up the game room, you seriously need to check this site out. It takes a little extra time for your purchase to be built but it is absolutely worth the wait. All the best things are 😉 – Very early on, I tested and designed my own A/V and LED MODs for consoles in need of a little modernization when the original equipment shows its age. (I’m looking at YOU, RF Modulator!) The very first Atari 2600 I restored used kits that I found online. For the do-it-yourselfer, having clear instructions to follow, a little soldering skills, a ton of patience, and quality components are a must and for me, ‘Vintage Gaming and More’ really came through. Sure, I’ll install my PCB and components if you want me to but, if you are looking for a kit to do it yourself, this is who you seek out. You won’t be sorry!