One console at a time:

The reason I chose to do this was simple. I really hate seeing these classics fade away.  For many that really is the case. I’m guilty of giving up on three machines in my childhood. I mean who knew that they were user-serviceable anyway? Even if it wasn’t intended that way in the beginning. LOL! Most clean up to look pretty sweet as well, even if they do have a few battle scars. The one below is difficult to believe they are the same console, even to me and I did the work!

One of the most common types of consoles out there is the one put out of commission by something extremely fixable. Other than looking like it sat in the backyard since the 80’s, the only thing wrong with the machine below was a damaged RF cable. Age degraded some of its components but even those were easy to repair. Then giving it a couple of modern upgrades and this once trash bound console became something really special. The cool part of this kind of work, just about all of them come out pretty awesome as this one did:

So many different issues ranging from simply dirty to physically broken.

Probably the most enjoyment I have is the cleaning. Some machines look so much different simply after decades of gunk is cleaned off.

Yes, all consoles go through an intense inspection in this house which even includes a cat-scan. (Yeah, I couldn’t resist.)

Even a machine that comes in looking like this has hope…

…if I happen to be lucky enough to find the parts!