I’m gonna start blogging this stuff, why not? LOL!

On the bench right now is SEC030, which will be the first console planned to be sold to finally get upgraded with my own custom AV/LED Mod PCB. I would have started using them much sooner but I had pre-built too many on stripboard and had to use them up. The idea was to build a basic video amplifier with a little more stabilization than others I had found while adding a way to drive the LED Mod without soldering anything extra to the board. The end result: This guy!

My first test of the PCB with the LED mounted directly on the board. The resistor needed for the LED is the bottom one pictured so it isn’t in line, which makes installation very easy. I also chose to route audio through the board. It’s not needed but is easier when cutting the leads for the RCA jacks.

This particular machine had issues. Smashed switches and the worst RF signal I’ve seen yet. The AV Mod was a must and is already giving me a nice picture. Hopefully, it will be getting listed soon!


**Update: This one sold very quickly and is already in its new home. Another happy ending for a trash-bound console!

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